A Fairy and a Two Year Old

I would love to say that I went into the trip with my eyes open - and not the slightest bit naive about how it was going to go. I tried not to have any expectations, or any sort of over romanticized idea of how she would deal with the trip. I would love to say that I was fully prepared for melt downs, over crowding, unpredictable weather and no naps.

But the truth was, I wasn't at all. I suppose in my head - how could ANY ONE not completely fall in love with Disney World.

Even if she was only two.

I was raised a Disney girl. I don't remember a spring break from my childhood that wasn't spent in Disney World. I've traveled there as an adult as often as possible - and as a matter of fact - was married in the park in 2002. I honestly can't remember one trip that wasn't 'magical'.

Until we took her.

I guess I never really thought how overwhelming it can be when you are only two. I was thinking she would see Mickey & Minnie, or her favorite character Jo Jo, and run to them with open arms and squeals of delight. But instead she went running in the opposite direction in fear.

By weeks end she was spent, as were we. However, we were determined to make the most of what we could and decided that we HAD to stay up at least one night to see the fireworks at Cinderella's Castle. She was dead to world on my shoulder the entire time - how any one could sleep through that was beyond me.

The fireworks were coming to a close and right as the last firework exploded - she lifted her small little head to see what was going on - and saw the Grand Finale of the Disney World fireworks show.

Her sleepy eyes start to twinkle and she points - "Mama! Tinker Bell" and sure enough, Tinker Bell is soaring through the air.

She was back asleep 2 seconds later.

THAT was what I had wanted. I wanted to see the magic in her eyes. I wanted to remember what it was like to see Tinker Bell for the first time. I wanted her to love this place as much as I did.

That was two years ago, and I've held off as long as I can stand. We're planning our next trip for this December.

I would like to say that I'm going into THIS trip with my eyes open....but, I doubt it very seriously.

Save us a seat "Tink", we'll see you in a two months.

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Teapot said...

Ohhh I hope its better next time!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! disney girl.. :)

Daisy said...

Eyes wide open? Perhaps blindfolds would be more useful. :)

noexcuses said...

I'm a Disneyland girl. I know how you feel. Every summer for us, and we couldn't leave before Tink made her flight.

I moved across the country about 12 years ago. Took the kids for one last trip before we left. I cried my eyes out when we went into Mickey's house. I asked Mickey if I could get a hug because I wasn't going to see him for a long time. Thanks, Mickey! It was really embarrassing for my kids, but you understand, don't you?

Very nice blog. I'll visit again.

Crazy Mo said...

We scrimped and saved and took the kids one year, instead of doing our usual camping vacation. On the way home, they asked us when we were going camping. *sigh* I think they were switched at birth.